Jennifer Maggs

Faculty Associate

2311 ISR
426 Thompson
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Jennifer Maggs is a Professor at The Pennsylvania State University's Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Research Associate at the Institute of Education (London) Centre for Longitudinal Studies, and a Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. She earned her BA in psychology at the University of Ottawa in 1986 and her MA and Ph.D. in life-span developmental psychology at the University of Victoria in 1993. Her published research applies a developmental perspective to understanding the etiology and prevention of alcohol and other substance use across adolescence, early adulthood, and midlife. Her current research interests include long-term consequences of heavy substance use in adolescence for achievement and health in adulthood; developmental changes in positive and negative substance use motivations and short-term consequences; links between alcohol use and sexual behaviors at the daily level across the college years; and modeling developmental and situational variability across different time frames.