Lloyd Johnston

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth
R01 DA001411
Miech (PI)
5/2017 – 3/2022
Role: Co-Investigator

Monitoring the Future provides the nation with annual indicators of the use of licit and illicit drugs, and related attitudes and beliefs. MTF is an ongoing epidemiological and etiological research and reporting project begun in 1975. In addition to being a basic research study, MTF has become one of the nation’s most relied upon sources of information on emerging trends in illicit drug, alcohol, and tobacco use among American adolescents, college students, and young and middle-aged adults. Nationally representative samples of 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-grade students (about 47,000 students in 400 schools per year) will be surveyed annually from 2017 to 2022.

Monitoring the Future: A Cohort-Sequential Panel Study of Drug Use, Ages 19–60
R01 DA016575
Schulenberg (PI)
5/2017 – 3/2022
Role: Co-Investigator

An ongoing series of cohort-sequential panel studies to examine changes in substance use and related factors across the life course and across historical period, using large nationally representative samples of high school graduates, from the end of high school through age 60. The study examines social and environmental factors and processes, including life-course transitions that may explain change. The target samples are drawn randomly from graduating classes of high school senior participants from the Monitoring the Future surveys.