Just Released: U.S. Adolescent Drug Trends

“Smoking, drinking and drug abuse decline among U.S. teens, who prefer pot and vaping,” the National
Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) summarizes recent Monitoring the Future findings. NIDA’s report,
Monitoring the Future results show reduced opioid misuse but popularity of vaping among youth, was
posted on December 14.
The 2017 MTF press release covers the following topics:
• Marijuana use edges upward
• First-ever U.S. standard estimates for vaping of nicotine, marijuana, and flavoring
• Cigarettes and several other tobacco products decline in use
• Alcohol use levels, after a long decline
• Use of inhalants increases among 8th graders
• Heroin and opioid use remains low among adolescents


Monitoring the Future is in its 42nd year with continuous funding from the National Institute on Drug